Logística Marítima Integral S.A. MARILOGINSA is an international and national services logistics operator specialized for supply chains and turnkey projects for the oil, mining and energy sector.

MARILOGINSA is firmly oriented on the country development, achieving and exceeding our client’s requirements with clear a focus on the international good practices. Also, quality management, integral safety, health and environmental regulations, which allows us to compete openly and lead the national market.

The General Management accepts to comply with this policy and the national legislation as a priority responsibility within our functions. It is committed to improve the security and health of our Business Associates and to protect the environment against adverse effects resulting from our operations during all the supply chain.

MARILOGINSA generates safe work conditions for Business Associates, and continuously seeks improvement in order to prevent events, accidents, occupational diseases, environmental impacts, loss and material damage.

MARILOGINSA acts decisively to prevent third parties from using the company to commit crimes established in the law, especially those that have to do with the prevention of illegal activities, drug traffic, money laundry, terrorism, corruption and bribery. We fully collaborate with the control authorities in what they require us.