Project Logistics Alliance (PLA)

On 29 september 2020, MARILOGINSA become a full member of Project Logistics Alliance, a network founded on 20th of December 2016 best known in the market for counting with truly skilled project cargo experts and high quality members where all applicants meet strict entry criterias and; now days with 200 company members over 120 countries when More tan ever before our business environment is shaped by the knowledge & competences we possess as well as the people we know.

Project Logistics Alliance is an independent network distinguished by the quality of its members. The network was established by highly experienced project freight forwarders in order to build on the expertise they jointly possess, with a focus on maintaining high quality service and appropriately expanding the unique knowledge base demanded by the project forwarding industry. By creating a platform exclusively for industry experts, to enable them to communicate and collaborate, we aim to be the pinnacle towards which the industry aspires.

To read more about Project Logistics Alliance, you can visit the website here