As a company MARILOGINSA assumes the commitment disposed in the sustainable development agreement exposed in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. Within its competences, it put into practice the 2030 agenda signed by more than 150 Heads of State and Government in New York City, related to the fulfillment of 17 sustainable development goals.

See all goals on the official United Nations site

The company’s policy is framed in the different axes’ development to fulfill the objectives of sustainable development, through economic growth complying with the decent work indicators, gender equality, quality education and advanced professional, health and wellness, local development, environmental protection and the use of accessible, non-polluting energy.

At MARILOGINSA we subscribe the treaties ofthe International Labor Organization, derived from the United Nations 2030’s Agenda and we accomplish the international legislation in the matter of security, related to the international policies and practices established in the dangerous loads’ handling. Recognizing the current standards for the handling of dangerous products defined by the United Nations in the dangerous goods transportation code (TDG).