Mariloginsa begins drydock operations

MARILOGINSA supervises drydock activities of three pushers, fulfilling current requirements and regulations for river transport. CONARINA, the boats and barges classification society, is in the workplace located in Providencia port in the Ecuadorian Amazon, performs the hull, engines and propulsion system inspection while it supervises the construction of double bottom in fuel tanks to prevent eventual contamination in case of hull perforations.

For the barges’ hull protection and to prevent the corrosion, a sandblastings process of 100 pct of the surface is executed, works with no-polluting paints and fire retardants as well as the placement of sacrificial anodes. All the materials used are certified for its environmentally friendly use and specifically for river activity.

“For us it is of vital importance the maintenance in drydock, we must maintain the fleet in an optimal condition, for this reason we schedule periodically these activities of maintenance of the boats and barges, it is essential to avoid accidents and/or sinking, but also these activities mitigate the impact that our operations have in the environment”. This is what MARILONGISA’s supervisor operation Javier Moreira said.

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