Customs Clearance

We provide this essential and valued-added service. Our customs experts manage your customs needs by using a wide range of services, nationally and internationally.

  • Import for consumption
  • Temporary admission for re-export in the same condition
  • Temporary admission for active improvement
  • Replacement with duty free
  • Processing under customs control
  • Customs warehouse
  • Reimportation in the same condition
  • Definitive export
  • Temporary export for re-import in the same condition
  • Temporary export for outward processing.
  • Vehicle for private tourist use
  • Other exceptional regimes: traveler’s luggage and household items
  • Diplomatic donations and disabled
Other customs regimes
  • Free warehouses
  • Special warehouses
  • International fairs
  • Customs transit
  • Boarding
  • Transfer
Complimentary services
  • Binding and non-binding tariff classification service
  • REASONABLE DOUBT support services
  • Procedures for obtaining prior control documents: INEN, MIPRO, SERCOP and other licenses according to the type of cargo to be imported or exported
  • Procedures for goods’ destruction
  • Procedures to obtain regime change authorization.
  • Procedures for general and specific guarantee approval.
  • Importer / exporter registration.
  • Procedure for obtaining and renewing an electronic signature (TOKEN)
  • Origin rules
  • Customs valuation
  • Claims and review resources
  • General customs advice for case resolution and other services according to the customer requirement

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