SENAE certifies MARILOGINSA as a cargo agent

Trough Resolution No. SENAE – SGO – 2020 – 0025 – RE the National Customs Secretariat of Ecuador certifies our company as a cargo agent. With this certification, MARILOGINSA is registered in customs to serve as a customs administration auxiliary, in addition we keep providing the goods transportation logistic service from one place to another. This new situation allows us to support small, medium and large companies when they need to expand their products to new markets.

As a cargo agent we are responsible for the container adequacy, condition, and filling. In the international goods transportation, the term LCL (Less than container load) is used to refer to the filling of less than an entire container, providing the possibility of sharing the space with other customers, taking full advantage of the container capacity, at a lower freight price for the characteristics of the consolidated cargo. This is a profitable option for small and medium enterprises willing to export or import a low stock quantity, to commercialize their products in an international market.

Benefits we offer as a cargo agent

• Adaptation to the customer necessities.

• Reduction in transportation expenses when importing or exporting.

• International transportation operator.

• Loose or palletized cargo movement.

• Contract intermodal or multimodal transport.

• Monitoring of the cargo status.

• Storage service.

• Cargo insurance.