What is inland waterway transport?

They are the modes of transport that exist in lakes, rivers, and canals that are endowed with an adequate depth to be able to navigate.


This type of transport is very important in the contemporaneous economy since it deals with the movement of goods, merchandise, and passengers to and from areas that are difficult to access. Compared to other modes of transport, it is reliable and highly energy efficient.

Transport of this type is a competitive alternative option to road and rail. Moreover, this offers a respectful alternative to the environment, to which Mariloginsa pays special attention, in terms of energy consumption and noise emissions. Additionally, a high degree of safety is guaranteed, especially when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods.

Inland waterway transport of passengers
Inland waterway transport of goods

The means of navigation used are an environment-friendly mode of transport.

Types of passenger transportation.

Passenger transport can be divided into public transport services and tourist transport.

Mariloginsa specializes in passenger transportation, mainly to the different oil rig places located in remote areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon, where the only access is by the river. In this way, we contribute to the development of the country and its fundamental economic activity.

On the other hand, Mariloginsa carries out the international agency of the vessels in the main river ports of the country, located in the Amazon. Climate adversities and the variation in river levels are some of the challenges we face, always with a positive attitude focused on solving problems.

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