Nuevo post 23.11.2014

Esto es un post de prueba. 😉


MARILOGINSA was also present at “I Foro y Exhibición de Proyección Petrolera y Refinería del Pacífico” promoted by PROVEPETROL, that took place from 21th to 22md May, 2013 at Hotel Oro Verde in Manta. Business opportunities were assessed and new commercial links toward our involvement in this project were made with international partners and local service providers.


MARILOGINSA CEO attended XXX International Conference ALACAT at Guayaquil from 19.05 till 22.05. Invited by ASEACI on inaugural date he deliver a 30min conference “Logistics New Tendency” that digs on economic roots of logistical services trends and evolution.


MARILOGINSA on 20th May, 2013 proudly announce website lunch to our clients, partners and friends as a mean to close ties and develop long lasting relationship, aiming to be part of the general effort for  reliable international commerce and shipping operations and opening opportunities to new actors, as a guarantee to our clients success.

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