We have a responsibility on a global scale to assure our employees, customers, sub-contractors and the countries in which we operate of our ability to work according to the principles of safe working practice.

Security Policy

MARILOGINSA seeks to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations by implementing and operating procedures which offer an enhanced level of security for the transportation of Project Cargo throughout the supply chain.
Dangerous Goods Handling Procedures
MARILOGINSA policy for international transportation of Dangerous Goods (DG) is linked intimately with the recognized international standards for the carriage of hazardous substances, as laid out under the United Nations classification of hazardous substances, and stipulated by their code for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG).

Drug Policy

The consumption of alcohol or drugs which directly impair an individuals and mental capabilities is such a serious threat to the safety of all personnel that it cannot be tolerated in the working environment.

Material Handling & Storage

Material handling accounts for approximately 25% of all occupational injuries. Common injuries include strains, sprains, fractures, and bruises. The largest number of injuries occurs to the fingers, hands, and back. These injuries are caused by poor equipment design, unsafe work practices, and failure to wear personal protective equipment. To reduce injuries associated with material handling, and to increase efficiency, manual material handling should be minimized and ergonomic principles should be introduced into the job design. In addition, safety procedures must be developed and workers must receive training in safe work habits.

Employee Manual Excerpt

It is the intent of MARILOGINSA (The “Company”) to provide a safe workplace for employees and to provide a comfortable and secure atmosphere for customers, contractors and others with whom we do business. The Company has no tolerance for violent acts or threats of violence.

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